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Build a Blueprint for Success in the Cloud

Develop Effective Strategies for Your Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation Journey

Determine the full capabilities, opportunities, and value the cloud offers your business with our Cloud Maturity Assessment.

As highlighted in IDCs recent CloudView Survey post, almost 78% of organizations use some form of cloud today, yet only 3% of the companies IDC surveyed have optimized cloud strategies in place.

The most mature cloud organizations are defined by their use of DevOps, hybrid and multi-provider clouds, micro-services, and containers, and they consume cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) and security applications.

In fact, greater cloud maturity leads to millions of dollars in annual benefits per cloud-based application (estimated $3M in additional revenue and $1M reduced costs).

So how do you get in on this action?

CloudScale offers a Cloud Maturity Assessment that will help your organization better define and understand your enterprise cloud goals and objectives. It is important to start with an understanding of your business goals and desired outcomes to create alignment between your enterprise vision and your strategic vision for cloud adoption so that these activities and outcomes are sure to add value to your organization.

Specifically, you want to understand your enterprise goals and objectives in the following areas:

  • New capabilities that the business needs to bring to the market in the next 12 months
  • Services or applications currently constrained due to time to market needs
  • Opportunities to preserve capital or avoidance of operating expense
  • Requirements or needs to provide ubiquitous access to consumers, customers, or devices
  • Needs for improved scalability

Factoring in your understanding of enterprise goals and needs into the formation of your cloud computing vision provides the business context to make cloud computing transformational for your business.

To adequately gain this understanding, CloudScale will take you through the following steps and more:

  • A structured approach to assess current state and future state cloud readiness
  • Discovery and assessment of application portfolio and asset migration readiness
  • Discovery and assessment of infrastructure/cloud assets and architecture
  • Discovery and assessment of IT policy, governance, and regulatory compliance
  • Comparative analysis of incumbent and competitive cloud providers features and recommendations

The collection of the above and more then allows our team to build out a detailed roadmap for the growth and development of your cloud vision, adoption and transformation.

Fill out the form to the right and a CloudScale representative will be in touch to set up your cloud maturity consultation to get you started on your maximizing your digital transformation.

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