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A Secure cloud foundation designed for business agility

Realize the Possibilities of Digital Transformation with a Secure, Agile Cloud Foundation

build a secure digital platform that will Turn your ideas into a reality faster than ever before 

Between 2011 and 2017 spending on cloud infrastructure and services is expected to triple in size1. That growth is fueled as enterprises of all sizes migrate workloads and services to take advantage of cloud scale, economies, and innovation.


"If you could create the ideal way to access all of your information, resources and connect to your colleagues, what would that look like?"

At CloudScale, our process always begins with clearly understanding where you are and where you want to go to build the right foundation. We work with you to envision many different cloud environments until we find a solution based on your goals and we create a secure cloud foundation designed to help you maximize all the cloud has to offer and realize the full potential of digital transformation.

CloudScale's Cloud Foundation Assessment helps achieve that clarity by starting with a thorough assessment of your current environment, answering questions like:

  • How will you define the success of your cloud transition?
  • Who your users are and how are they grouped?
  • What applications and workloads does each group need to use?
  • How many users are mobile and what is the nature of the networks they currently use to connect to your resources?
  • How do your users and groups interact with each other to share data and avoid creating productivity-killing silos?

This assessment collects all of this information and more. The resulting transition plan includes remediation of any current performance and security concerns prior to or during transition. Ultimately, this migration roadmap reduces the risks usually associated with any change in platform or other business transformation and accelerates the entire migration process.

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